Practice Smarter and Improve Faster!

Discover how to use proven practice secrets to rapidly improve your 
technical skills, break bad habits and make your practice time more focused 
and productive!


The Perfect Practice Course is a focused and time-tested system for sharpening your practice skills so you can bolster your repertoire, build your confidence and make rapid breakthroughs in your playing.

Deciding to learn proper practice strategies can be the most important decision you make in your musical journey!








“Thank you so much for this course…I think the videos are great and you explain everything so well – very clearly.”

– Ola S. (Wimborne, UK)

What You Get When You Sign Up for the Course

After 20+ years as a professional musician and instructor, I’ve carefully developed a simple, easy-to-follow system that eliminates the confusion and guesswork so you can get totally clear on what to practice, when to practice and how to practice.

If you want to become a master musician, you must first master the art and science of proper practice techniques. The Perfect Practice Course will show you how to:

  • Identify exactly what practice areas on which to place your focus.
  • Properly define your musical goals.
  • Create a Practice Regimen that’s tailored to your specific areas of interest.
  • Increase speed, accuracy and memorization skills.
  • Optimize your study sessions so you can see rapid results while practicing as little as two and a half hours a week.
  • Integrate a host of both ‘practical’ and ‘magical’ practice methods into your existing banjo routine to boost the results of your efforts.
  • Use a metronome to improve timing, speed and mastery.
  • Utilize practice strategies to improve relaxation and ‘flow’.


Course Includes

  • Charts and worksheets for mapping out your perfect practice regimen.
  • Examples charts and worksheets (from my personal practice sessions) for guidance and reference.
  • Over 30 easy-to-follow lesson pages.
  • Demonstration videos.
  • Methods for identifying and overcoming common practice mistakes and challenges.
  • 10 powerful ‘practice hacks’ designed to drastically and rapidly enhance your progress.
  • 5 bonus lessons
  • Sample practice regimens for enhancing specific skill sets (speed, accuracy, memorization).
  • Membership in the private, Perfect Practice Facebook Group, giving you access to a growing community of smart and savvy aspiring banjo players to support and encourage you along the way.
  • 24/7 INSTANT and lifetime access to the course materials (including all updates).
  • Practice Resource Page with reading suggestions, recommended software, websites and more…


Whether your brand new to the banjo game or have been plugging away at it for decades, this is your chance to say goodbye to overwhelm and uncertainty and get to work on FINALLY  achieving your musical goals.


This is your way out of musical mediocrity, overwhelm and uncertainty!

Today, so many aspiring banjoists are drowning in a sea of information, instructional books, online tutorials and youtube videos.

The Perfect Practice Course will teach you how to focus your practice efforts on the specific areas of study, tailored to your specific banjo goals so you can confidently focus on the task in front of you, knowing that it will take you on a direct path from where you are right now to where you want to be.


What’s keeping you from achieving your banjo dreams?


Here’s a peak at the format of this course:

  • Getting Started – An introductory course overview and breakdown of lesson format, etc.
  • Goal Setting – How to get clear on your musical aspirations.
  • Practice Scheduling – How to schedule your practice sessions for optimal results.
  • Practice Regimen – How to create and organize a clear and focused list of customized practice items.
  • Principles of Effective Practice – How to avoid and overcome common obstacles of achievement.
  • Staying Motivated – Methods for sticking with your practice routine.
  • Process Orientation – How to glean more enjoyment from your practice process.
  • Body as a Teacher & Timekeeper – Learn to harness your bodies ‘innate intelligence’ during study sessions.
  • Proper Pacing – Learn how to establish practice tempos for maximum efficacy.
  • Relaxation – How to identify and eradicate undo tension in your playing.
  • Fractional Learning – Explore the powerful practice of ‘chunking’ your study focus.
  • Effective Repetion – A practical guide to proper implementation of repetition.
  • Visualization – How mental practice can greatly improve your banjo game.
  • Modeling – Harness the power of your banjo heroes through simple emulation exercises.
  • Vocalization – Discover and positively utilize the vocal/instrumental connection.
  • Reverse Physiology – Overcome frustration and negative emotions with basic body adjustments.
  • Positive Interference – How to use distraction to your advantage.
  • [Bonus Lessons] Specific Skill Training – Example regimens for developing speed, accuracy and memorization skills.
  • Refining Your Practice Regimen – How, when and why you should tweak your practice regimen.
  • [Bonus Lesson] Using a Metronome – The basics of using a metronome as a clawhammer banjo practice aid.
  • [Bonus Lesson] Advanced Metronome Techniques – A full breakdown of the ‘incremental’ and ‘dialectical’ metronome methods and how to integrate them into your banjo studies.


Revolutionizing your practice sessions is as easy as clicking a few buttons…



Price:  $97


Why you can no longer afford to ignore the importance of proper practice habits…

In our hectic modern world, the demands on your time and your focus are constantly increasing. If you’re like most folks, keeping up with your family, work and social obligations leaves you with very little time and energy to pursue your musical ambitions.

That’s why now, more than ever, you need to know that you’re getting the absolute maximum results from your practice sessions.

Let the Perfect Practice Course guide you, step-by-step, to better results so you can stop spinning your wheels and start taking control of your musical destiny.

Build your repertoire, bolster your confidence, gain focus and stay motivated, all while practicing for as little as two and a half hours a week!


As a long-time banjo instructor, the biggest and most common mistake I’ve seen, is the tendency for the student to think that, somehow, the basic and fundamental laws of practice and achievement don’t apply to them.

They practice irregularly and without a plan or a method of focus…and their results are, predictably, less than satisfactory.

It’s true that executing a skill-boosting practice regimen takes a bit of time and effort but the Perfect Practice Course does most of the work for you by providing a step-by-step plan, pre-made practice charts, worksheets and a pile of special tips and tactics for practice optimization.

All you have to do is sign up, follow along and fill in the blanks!



Price: $97


If, during the first 30 days of purchasing this course, you aren’t completely satisfied, just let me know and I’ll refund your tuition immediately. No questions asked!