Give your banjo repertoire a boost

Each lesson pack focuses on a particular key and brings you two distinct arrangements of five essential clawhammer banjo tunes.

This Play Better Banjo Lesson Pack help you to understand the subtleties of “rhythmic” versus “melodic” arrangement and performance.

You’ll put five new tunes under your belt and, at the same time, you’ll gain some insight into the arrangement process.

“Drawing on over twenty years of banjo performance and instruction,  I’ve collected what I consider to be a quintessential and well-balanced collection of A modal tunes.”

-Ryan Spearman

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– Ola S. (Wimborne, UK)

What You Get When You Sign Up for the Course


Ten Tabs (two arrangements for each tune)

  • Tabs can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the videos so you can follow along with the instruction note by note.

Ten Instructional Videos

  • Each video includes a demonstration of the tune followed by a measure by measure breakdown. Then the arrangement is played in its entirety at a nice, slow pace.
  • Each video is of the highest quality (HD 1080 x 1920) and can be enlarged to fit your entire computer screen.


You’ll learn how to play five essential tunes in A Modal:

  • Greasy Coat
  • Jeff Sturgeon
  • Kitchen Girl
  • Red Haired Boy
  • Shakin’ Down the Acorns

Not only will you’ll learn these five tunes but you’ll learn two different versions of each:

  • A melodic version that incorporates more advanced techniques
  • A rhythmic version that focuses on “drive” and “feel”


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If, within the first thirty days, you decide that you are not satisfied with your Lesson Pack, I’ll refund your money immediately.



You get five lessons covering five tunes & songs plus sixteen pages of tablyricsplay along tracks, & more for only $37.        


Price:  $37




If, at any time, you aren’t completely satisfied with your lesson pack, just let me know and I’ll refund your tuition immediately!