Everything you want to know about playing jigs, slip jigs, and slides on the Clawhammer Banjo

The Jigs & Slides course will take you by the hand and guide you, step by step, through all of the essential techniques and ideas you need to play jigs in the clawhammer style.

Each lesson builds upon the previous one to incrementally expand your knowledge and proficiency.

Learn to play jigs and open up a whole new world of clawhammer possibilities!

The course starts as soon as you register

You’ll receive access to the first lesson INSTANTLY. Just sign up and the check your email for a welcome message with instructions on how you can access your new lesson materials.

You’ll get access to each additional lesson set every three days for three weeks. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the lesson materials.

Return anytime you’d like to get tab, review the lesson videos, download play along tracks, etc.

Plus you’ll have the opportunity to get any and all of your banjo questions answered via the lifetime email support here at Play Better Banjo.

If you’re a banjoist that already knows the basics of clawhammer playing and you’re looking to expand your skill set and repertoire, then the Jigs & Slides Course is for you!

“Thank you so much for this course…I think the videos are great and you explain everything so well – very clearly.”

– Ola S. (Wimborne, UK)

What You Get When You Sign Up for the Course

  • Eight lesson sets over the course of three weeks. Your unique log in and password will grant you immediate access to the Step One lesson set, you’ll then be given access to each additional lesson set (steps 2 – 8) every  3 days for the next 21 days or so.  This gives you time to practice the lesson materials and get your questions answered before moving on to each additional step.
  • More than 30 videos that guide you step by step through the lessons and tablature.
  • More than 30 pages of tablature and exercises plus a course outline for easy reference. Download and print out these helpful pages and use them as you follow along with the course and the video instruction.
  • Play along tracks. Downloadble audio tracks that allow you to play along with a virtual back up band.
  •  24/7 Email support. Email me at any time during or after the course with your questions and I’ll respond as promptly as possible with help and clarification.


What You’ll Learn

Technical Skill Building

  • Six different right hand techniques for jig time playing
  • A clearer understanding of often confusing terms like:  jigs, slip jigs, slides, triple jigs, double jigs, etc.
  • How to count jigs, slip jigs, and slides
  • How to adapt fiddler-style ornamentation to your jig tunes:
  • Grace notes
  • Rolls
  • Cuts
  • Octave Substituions
  • Fillers
  • An experiential understanding of “modal” playing and tuning strategies
  • A clearer understanding of time signatures, specifically “jig time” signatures like: 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
  • Ten new tunes!


Repertoire  Here are the tunes you’ll learn and use as examples of the course’s methods in action:

  • Haste to the Wedding
  • Old Woman at the Well
  • New Rigged Ship
  • Banish Misfortune
  • Drops of Brandy
  • The Butterfly
  • Neil o’ Sullivan’s Slide
  • Danny Ab’s Slide
  • Brigg’s Corn Shucking Jig
  • Old Time Minstrel Jig

WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE COURSE…you’ll have all the skills you need to add any jig time tune to your future repertoire!

Get all of this for only $97.


I charge $75 an hour for a private lesson.

So, for a bit more than the price of a one private lesson, you’ll get twenty lesson pages plus hours of video instruction, about 30 pages of tabcharts, diagrams, play along tracks, and  lifetime email support.


That’s just $97.


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