Wanna learn to play the clawhammer banjo?

Are you an absolute beginner without a lick of musical experience? This clear and simple video course will take you from “zero to banjo” in three simple steps.


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Let the Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course Video Series give you the push you need to make your musical goals a reality in 2018.

This free video series is specifically designed to get you making music as quickly as possible. No experience necessary. All you need is a banjo and a willingness to make some noise!

The Course starts as soon as you register.

You’ll receive the link to your first lesson set in your inbox immediately upon enrolling.

The remaining emails (with links to the remaining lesson sets) will arrive in your inbox every few days until you’ve completed the series.

If you follow the recommended timeline, the course takes about 12-14 days to complete. Some folks like to blow through the material in a matter of days while others take a whole month to digest it all.  You can use the course in whatever way suits your learning style the best.

Either way, when you reach the end, you should be able to play along with a handful of familiar songs!

The Beginner Crash Course is designed for those who consider themselves absolute beginners. If you have no (or very little) musical experience but would like to start playing the clawhammer banjo, then this is the course for you!

Likewise, if you’ve been messing around with the clawhammer banjo a bit but you find that you’re struggling to get the results you’d hoped for, then this course may be just what you’re looking for.

Enroll in the Beginner Crash Course


“Thank you so much for this course…I think the videos are great and you explain everything so well – very clearly.”

– Ola S. (Wimborne, UK)

What You Get When You Sign Up for the Course

Fifteen Lesson Videos  You’ll have instant access to the course video player containing fifteen instructional videos on a variety of essential beginner banjo topics.

Clear and Simple Instruction   Just the bare minimum of information presented in a laid back, simple and easy to follow fashion.

Play Along Videos   Play along with me as I guide you through a few of jam-friendly songs.

Lifetime Email Support   Email me at any time and I’ll respond promptly with answers to any questions you may have about the lesson materials.


The Master Key to the Clawhammer Banjo …so you can start your training in the right place and avoid the frustration of not knowing where to begin.

How to Tune Your Banjo …because you’ve got to be in tune to sound good!

Numbering Systems for Frets, Fingers & Strings …so you’ll know how to communicate with other musicians

The 3 Magical Clawhammer Chord Shapes …that experienced banjo players use to play hundreds of songs.

‘Boom Note Variation’ Exercise …so you can hone your right hand coordination.

Jamming Along With Your First Song …and then some!



It’s absolutely free!

Just enter your first name and email address and you’ll receive and email that will guide you to your instant course access.